Scotland gets a pro-independence newspaper

Poynter Top Stories - vr, 21/11/2014 - 15:10

The Guardian

The National, Scotland’s first explicitly pro-indepence newspaper, will launch Monday, Mark Sweney reports in The Guardian. Gannett subsidiary Newsquest will publish the paper, which Glasgow Sunday Herald Editor Richard Walker will also edit.

The Sunday Herald was the only Scottish paper to support independence, and it saw sales go up dramatically in the runup to the country’s ultimately doomed referendum.

Sweney says a “source with knowledge of the launch said the title sounded ‘very i-like’, a reference to the Independent’s cut-price spinoff, which has a skeleton staff and relies on its stablemate for most resources and content.”

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Why I have a problem with Google’s crowdfunding tool Contributor – a tweet story

Online Journalism Blog - vr, 21/11/2014 - 15:09

I have 2 problems with Google's crowdfunding tool Contributor: 1) it allows Google to collect data on what we read https://t.co/OawNbMnH8Q

— Paul Bradshaw (@paulbradshaw) November 21, 2014

Problem 2: it's only open to publishers (not journalists) in Google's 'club'

— Paul Bradshaw (@paulbradshaw) November 21, 2014

Also (they may correct this): users have no control over the metric: a shallow article is rewarded equally to a deep one

— Paul Bradshaw (@paulbradshaw) November 21, 2014

@krelnik @dangillmor 1) but to pay we need to connect behaviour with 'real' identity (not just cookie). AdSense may not have that.

— Paul Bradshaw (@paulbradshaw) November 21, 2014

@krelnik @dangillmor 2) agreed. But speaking for now… (likewise the metrics)

— Paul Bradshaw (@paulbradshaw) November 21, 2014

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Career Beat: Dan Lyons named editor-in-chief at Valleywag

Poynter Top Stories - vr, 21/11/2014 - 15:00

Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community:

  • Dan Lyons is now editor-in-chief at Valleywag. Previously, he was a marketing fellow at HubSpot. (Re/code)
  • Rachel Racusen will be vice president of communications at MSNBC. Previously, she was associate communications director for the White House. (Playbook)
  • Jeff Fager will be an executive producer at “60 Minutes”. Previously, he was chairman of CBS News. (Politico)
  • Nitasha Tiku is now a west coast senior writer at The Verge. Previously, she was editor-in-chief of Valleywag. (Business Insider)
  • Jason Kravarik is now a producer at CNN. Previously, he was assistant news director at KOIN in Portland, Oregon. (TV Spy)

Job of the day: The Rockford (Illinois) Register Star is looking for an editor. Get your résumés in! (Journalism Jobs)

Send Ben your job moves: bmullin@poynter.org

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#FollowFriday: ruimte en ruimtevaart

Villamedia Nieuws - vr, 21/11/2014 - 14:57
Wie op de hoogte wil blijven van het laatste nieuws, houdt Twitter in de gaten. Met enige regelmaat vertelt Villamedia op vrijdag wie je moet volgen binnen een bepaald onderwerp of genre. Deze week: journalisten die alles weten van de ruimte of de…
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Fusion tracks news orgs that use term ‘illegal immigrant’

Poynter Top Stories - vr, 21/11/2014 - 14:55


Despite “all the good reasons not to use” the term illegal immigrant, “it is still very easy to find in the US press, even in headlines,” Felix Salmon writes. He lists news orgs that make a point of not using it (AP, the Los Angeles Times, BuzzFeed), those that have an “It’s complicated” relationship with the term (The New York Times, Newsweek, Bloomberg News) and those that prefer it (The Wall Street Journal, Reuters).

Here are a couple more that eschew it:

When AP stopped using the term, Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll told Poynter it was because “It’s kind of a lazy device that those of use who type for a living can become overly reliant on as a shortcut. It ends up pigeonholing people or creating long descriptive titles where you use some main event in someone’s life to become the modifier before their name.”

“No major publication has started using it again after a period where it was banned,” Salmon writes. Read more

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Push for Parity: What do women in leadership need next? Courage.

Poynter Top Stories - vr, 21/11/2014 - 14:50

This essay is the fifth in our Push For Parity essay series, featuring stories about women in leadership in journalism. For more on our series and details about how you can contribute, see Kelly McBride’s essay introducing the project. Poynter and ONA have also announced a tuition-free women’s leadership academy.

What do we need in order to push forward leadership from women at news organizations?


Courage, persistence, and a calm sense of expectation.

There is nothing whatsoever left to discuss in the matter. All the issues have been thoroughly discussed in the last 50 years. We know that many of us need flexibility at a certain moment of our careers. We know we need recognition of our competence, abilities, accomplishments and ambition. We no longer need to prove that leadership from women adds dimension, credibility and authenticity to news coverage. It has been proven. We no longer need to fill the pipeline. Read more

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Springer sluit deal met universiteiten

Villamedia Nieuws - vr, 21/11/2014 - 14:46
Springer heeft donderdagavond een deal gesloten met veertien Nederlandse universiteiten, die als gevolg van die deal hun onderzoeksartikelen gratis mogen publiceren in uitingen van de Duitse uitgever. Naast verschijning in reguliere tijdschriften,…
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Crowdfunding platforms for journalists

Journalism.co.uk - vr, 21/11/2014 - 14:39
We all know Kickstarter, but what are some of the specialised platforms out there that could help journalists fund their projects?
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NYT edges closer to layoffs

Poynter Top Stories - vr, 21/11/2014 - 14:36

Good morning. Almost there. Here are 10 media stories.

  1. NYT may have layoffs, after all

    A memo from Janet Elder says the news org may not have enough buyout applications to forgo layoffs. "Early efforts to handicap the outcome regrettably point to having to do some layoffs." Also, if you take the buyout, MOMA will not let you in for free anymore. (Mother Jones) | Last month Keith J. Kelly reported that more than 300 people had filed buyout applications, but many were "just securing their rights and checking it out," Guild unit rep Grant Glickson said. (NY Post) | Floyd Norris is taking the buyout. (Talking Biz News) | More N.Y. Guild news: Eight Guild members who worked at Reuters' Insider video project are losing their jobs. (The Newspaper Guild of New York) | Time Inc. has declared it's at an "impasse" with the union and "can begin unilaterally imposing many of the terms, including the right to farm out up to 60 full-time jobs while slashing vacation and medical benefits and eliminating voluntary buyout provisions from future layoffs." The Guild has asked the NLRB to investigate.

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Today in Media History: Before digital recording there was Edison and his 1877 phonograph

Poynter Top Stories - vr, 21/11/2014 - 14:00

The digital recorders we use today can trace their history back to the 1870s. There were a number of inventors who built the foundation of audio technology, but one stands out.

On this date in 1877 Thomas Edison introduced his phonograph. The device was unique because it could both record and play sound.

What were his historic first words on the new machine? The original recording no longer exists, but he supposedly said hello, then read the poem “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” and ended with “ha ha.”

In 1940 actor Spencer Tracy gave us an idea of what Edison’s first recording was like.

The following 1933 newsreel features someone who worked with Edison and heard his historic “hello” and “ha.”

“In the end, they named it the phonograph. But it might have been called the omphlegraph, meaning ‘voice writer.’ Or the antiphone (back talker). Or the didasko phone (portable teacher).

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Staatssecretaris Sleurs (N-VA) wil collaboratiedossiers openbaar maken

Apache.be - vr, 21/11/2014 - 12:02
Collaboratiedossiers zullen in de toekomst openbaar toegankelijk zijn. Dat is alleszins de ambitie van staatssecretaris voor wetenschapsbeleid Elke Sleurs (N-VA). Dossiers uit de meest delicate en omstreden periode uit de Belgische geschiedenis zijn tot vandaag niet toegankelijk voor het publiek om "de openbare orde niet te verstoren". Sleurs moet wel nog het fiat krijgen van minister van Justitie Koen Geens (CD&V).
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Uncovering Asia: Designing a Muckraker’s Conference

Global Investigative Journalism Network - vr, 21/11/2014 - 11:29

Uncovering Asia -- the region's first investigative journalism conference -- starts this Saturday evening in Manila. GIJN and its partners have been working for months on the event, which now is set to bring together 300 journalists from Japan to Pakistan.

Now, every great conference needs tote bags, notebooks, and pens, of course. But check out the job that our local host -- the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism -- did for Uncovering Asia. These may be too nice to give away...

The printed conference schedule is worth a closer look:

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Juridische actie tegen Britse politie

Villamedia Nieuws - vr, 21/11/2014 - 11:18
Zes Britse journalisten ondernemen juridische stappen tegen Scotland Yard nadat aan het licht kwam dat de politie de professionele activiteiten van de zes bijhield in een geheime database. Het hoofdbureau van de Britse politie deed dat om extremisten…
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Changes at FT to promote thinking 'in digital terms'

Journalism.co.uk - vr, 21/11/2014 - 10:53
Editor Lionel Barber says changes are planned for next year to reflect the importance of multimedia journalism
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90 procent Nederlanders gebruikt Google

Villamedia Nieuws - vr, 21/11/2014 - 10:40
Google is nog altijd veruit de populairste zoekmachine onder Nederlanders. Van alle internetters in ons land gebruikt 90 procent de zoekmachine met enige regelmaat. Dat blijkt uit onderzoek (PDF)…
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Van den Heuvel vecht inreisverbod aan

Villamedia Nieuws - vr, 21/11/2014 - 10:26
Misdaadjournalist John van den Heuvel is van plan het tegen hem uitgeroepen Surinaamse inreisverbod aan te vechten. Vorige week kwam naar buiten dat de verslaggever Suriname niet…
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Cosby vraagt AP niet uit te zenden

Villamedia Nieuws - vr, 21/11/2014 - 10:22
De in de media van seksueel misbruik beschuldigde Amerikaanse komiek Bill Cosby heeft na afloop van een interview met persbureau AP gevraagd een deel van het gesprek niet uit te zenden. In het betreffende onderdeel vraagt de dienstdoende verslaggever…
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Muziek.NL Magazine wordt Soundz

Villamedia Nieuws - vr, 21/11/2014 - 09:48
Muziek.NL Magazine, naar eigen zeggen het grootste muziekblad van Nederland, verandert zijn naam in Soundz. Het eerste nummer onder de nieuwe de nieuwe noemer ligt vanaf vrijdag in de winkel. “De naam Soundz ligt lekkerder in de mond en past beter…
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Twee maal Grand Prix voor Head Office NL

Villamedia Nieuws - vr, 21/11/2014 - 09:42
Head Office NL is donderdagavond twee keer in de prijzen gevallen tijdens de uitreiking van de Grand Prix Content Marketing. De customermediatak van Sanoma sleepte met Hockey.nl een derde prijs in de wacht in de categorie business-co-client en scoorde…
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Lees Ook

Villamedia Nieuws - vr, 21/11/2014 - 08:30
Dit is ceo Van der Snoek van plan bij TMG Adformatie (betaalde link) Lara…
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