Werkbeurs - Hope in Haiti's Scorched Earth

Five years ago, Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake—not for the first time. The country was in shatters. Journalists Arne Gillis and Wouter Elsen take a closer look at how the country is doing, five years after the earthquake.


Werkbeurs - Worthy of the Crown

Yemi Oduwale, a flemish boy born in '86, has a Belgian mother and a Nigerian father. His grandfather is ill, and he wants Yemi to succeed him as a 'chief' in Nigeria. But Yemi is born and raised in Europe and doesn't know anything about the culture of the Yoruba, one of West-Africa's largest tribes. Besides, it's been more than 15 years ago since he was in Nigeria for the last time.


Tv-avond reportagemakers (Brussel)

Jeroen Wils (De Kroongetuigen, chef nieuws VTM 2004-2011, einderedacteur Telefacts Crime), Eric Goens (Schild en Vriend, Kroost, Onze Dochter heet Delphine), Els Roovers (De Rechtbank, Meneer Doktoor, God en klein Pierke, Recht van antwoord) en Peter Boeckx (The Sky is the Limit, De Bende Haemers, Strip-tease) zullen het hebben over hun ervaringen met en visie op het vak. Het gesprek wordt gemodereerd door Jan Van Rompaey. 


Werkbeurs - Waiting For August

Georgiana Halmac, eldest daughter of her family, turns fifteen this winter. She lives with her six siblings in a social housing condo on the outskirts of Bacau (Romania). Their mother Liliana, an economic migrant in Torino, will not be back before Summer.


Werkbeurs - Samuel in the clouds

On the roof of the world, a man looks out of the window, hoping for snow. Until recently, Samuel operated the ski lift of the only ski slope in Bolivia, just like his father before him. Samuel still loves to ski but the snow is disappearing. Lost in the clouds, he is now the only remaining employee and takes care of the dilapidated buildings. Tourists from all over the world come to visit the Chacaltaya for the breathtaking view. Samuel serves them tea.


Sheffield Doc/Fest 2014 (Sheffield)

Doc/Fest brings the international documentary family together to celebrate the art and business of documentary making for five intense days in June. Now in its 20th Year, Sheffield Doc/Fest is one of the top three documentary festivals and markets in the world. 


London Investigative Film Festival 2014 (London)

From 7 till 9 February 2014, The Centre for Investigative Journalism will organise the fourth edition of the London Investigative Film Festival.


CIJ's WebDocs Weekend (London)

During a two day event, the Centre for Investigative Journalism will show new and exciting ways of telling stories online; teaching the basics of creating interactive storytelling for people with little or no experience of coding.