Nieuws - Vzw Fonds Pascal Decroos heet voortaan Journalismfund.eu

Op 22 januari 2013 besliste de Algemene Vergadering van het Fonds Pascal Decroos voor Bijzondere Journalistiek vzw om de naam van de vereniging te veranderen in Journalismfund.eu vzw en zo de internationalisering van de vzw, die al even bezig was, officieel te maken. De naam Fonds Pascal Decroos blijft bestaan voor alle Vlaamse activiteiten van de vereniging. 


European Press Prize 2012

In 2011, representatives of seven European media foundations came together in De Balie Debating Centre in Amsterdam to exchange ideas. They agreed that encouraging high-quality journalism, in print or online, will help raise journalism's role as a vital defender of democracy's freedoms and as an initiator of a serious European discourse. The idea for the European Press Prize was born. 


Nieuws - Speciaal programma op VVOJ-conferentie

Tijdens de European Investigative Journalism Conference van de VVOJ zal het Fonds Pascal Decroos, samen met de VVOJ zelf, instaan voor een zijluik van het programma dat zich toespitst op fondsen en stichtingen.


Nieuws - Special side track programme at VVOJ Conference

At VVOJ's European Investigative Journalism Conference the Pascal Decroos Fund will, in cooperation with VVOJ itself, be in charge of a side track of the programme that is specifically aimed at foundations and funds.


Nieuws - Lessons for starting news foundations

The Knight Digital Media Center gives news startups some basic lessons on business plans after the Chicago News Cooperation, a two-year-old nonprofit news site, announced that it is suspending its contributions to the Midwest pages of the New York Times.


Nieuws - Knight Foundation media innovation contest announces 2011 winners

Knight News Challenge winners receive $4.7 million, including $1 million in support from Google; winners include traditional news organizations and Internet entrepreneurs, projects focused on government transparency, mobile and more.


Nieuws - Nonprofit Funding of Journalism

GERMANY/US - Report on US non-profit funding of journalism shows achievements and limits – and has lessons for Europe. 


Nieuws - FPD applies for Knight News Challenge

MIAMI - The Pascal Decroos Fund aims to bring with Mediafair.org a sustainable interactive, crowd sourcing, - funding and community journalistic platform that makes journalists perceived trustful in bringing via dialogue the stories that matter to the people. Mediafair enables journalists to brand themselves and their work. Mediafair would make journalists to spend less time looking for the right tools, and spend more time using the best tools to create in-depth stories and get them to their public.