Nieuws - Connecting Continents: Working Grants for African-European Teams of Investigative Journalists

Journalismfund.eu is proud to announce a new, intercontinental working grant programme for investigative journalists. The programme, Connecting Continents, provides €100,000 for working grants for Sub-Saharan African journalists collaborating with European colleagues or vice versa.


Uncovering Asia: The first Asian Investigative Journalism Conference (Manila)

Meet award-winning journalists and experts on data analysis and visualization, business investigations, corruption, crime, and cross-border collaboration at the very first Asian Investigative Journalism Conference in Manila in November 2014.


Holding Power to Account - Investigative Journalism, Democracy and Human Rights (Winnipeg)

Holding powerful interests to account is one of journalism's most important missions. It's critical to democracy and the preservation of human rights. That's why the University of Winnipeg and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation are organizing a conference from 13 to 15 June 2014.



Annual Netzwerk Recherche Investigative Journalism Conference (Hamburg)

The German investigative journalism association Netzwerk Recherche has pinned the dates for its annual conference for the year 2014. The conference will take place on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 July 2014 at NDR TV in Hamburg, Germany.


An introduction to investigative journalism with Paul Lewis (London)

The job of the investigative journalist is to uncover facts the public should know about, but aren't allowed to. This course shows you where to find that information, and how to beat the rules sheltering it from view.