© Bieke Depoorter

Werkbeurs - In Between

In Egypt the aftermath of a bloody summer is still palpable. In the southern city of Minya, the blackened church spires contrast a group of demonstrants holding yellow balloons: Morsi supporters are demanding that their president rule once again.


© Ilvy Njiokiktjien

Werkbeurs - Born Free? South-Africa's Post-Apartheid Generation

The Cape Flats near Cape Town in South Africa are renowned for their large-scale violence. It is very difficult for young people to escape the violence, drugs and criminality.

©2013 Annie van Gemert

Werkbeurs - School uniforms

School uniforms are common in elementary and middle schools in many countries. They symbolize class equality, quality, and structure. Photographer Annie van Gemert visited Belgium, where pupils still wear uniforms in many schools. From 2009 to 2013 she created probing (group) portraits of boys and girls in school uniforms. These photos led to a new publication, School Uniforms: Education in Flanders.

© Annie van Gemert

Werkbeurs - Schooluniformen

De foto’s van fotografe Annie van Gemert geven een kleurrijk beeld van de uniformiteit in het huidige (inter)nationale onderwijs in Vlaanderen. Schooluniformen staan symbool voor klassengelijkheid, kwaliteit en structuur. Het gaat om jongens en meisjes met de Vlaamse nationaliteit en ook om verschillende culturen en nationaliteiten. De foto’s zijn uit de periode 2009-2013.


Rendez-vous au Paradis - closing drink (Ghent)

Photographer Sander Buycks invites you to the closing drink of his exhibition 'Rendez-vous au Paradis - Fading portraits of Palestinian martyrs'.

© Marco Ansaloni

Werkbeurs - Divided Cities in Europe

The European Union has worked since its foundation to achieve border integration. Nevertheless, the creation of new borders and the strengthening of existing ones still occurs, especially within cities. Now that national borders are more permeable and less confining than ever due to globalization, the strongest conflicts are related to urban space.


Nieuws - Photography fund set up in memory of Chris Hondros

Chris Hondros Fund, set up in memory of photographer killed in Libya, will raise money for photojournalism fellowships.


World Photography Festival

LONDON - A Global platform for Professional, Amateur and Student Photographers to communicate and showcase Photojournalism, Fine Art and Commercial Photography.