New media, new methods (Antwerp)

The University of Antwerp faculty of Political and Social Sciences is holding a new seminar in their series of PSW Lectures on 20 September 2012. Titled 'New media, new methods', the seminar will present innovative research methods and techniques for the study of media production, media content and media consumption.



European Investigative Journalism Conference (Antwerp)

In 2012, the Flemish-Dutch Association for Investigative Journalists VVOJ is celebrating its tenth anniversary. To mark this special anniversary, the VVOJ’s annual conference, due to take place at the Plantijn College in Antwerp (Belgium), will bear an international character.


News - Evens Prize for Media Education 2011: Apply for nomination!

ANTWERP - With the second Evens Prize for Media Education, to be awarded in 2011, the Evens Foundation continues to highlight the importance of Media Education and to support sustainable projects in this field in Europe.