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Working Grant - How generous is the EU: development aid only for the rich?

When you think of development aid, you think of poor countries. But the biggest receiver of EU development aid happens to be the 18th biggest economy of the world: Turkey. In 2013, Turkey received 2.4 billion Euros...


News - From Prison to Meet Global Conference of Journalists

Two leading investigative journalists from Turkey , who are presently in prison, are invited to the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Ukraine to present awards for courageous journalism.


News - Turkish Raids in Search of Unpublished Book by Journalist Ahmet Sik

VIENNA - The International Press Institute (IPI) on Friday condemned raids by Turkish police last week in search of draft copies of an unpublished book by imprisoned journalist Ahmet Sik that reportedly focuses on the influence of an alleged Islamic group within the country's police force.


News - Turkey Sentences Former Editor of Kurdish Newspaper to Three Years in Prison

VIENNA — Vedat Kursun, former editor of the Kurdish daily, Azadiya Welat was on Wednesday sentenced by a Turkish court to three years in prison in connection with two articles deemed to have spread propaganda for the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party, PKK - which is considered a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the European Union, the United States and many other countries.