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Article 1. Re

Following conditions apply to the use of information and services offered by fondspascaldecroos.org. The user (though the visitor, the advertiser or their supplier) of the site and services are offered through the site, shall be deemed to have agreed to these terms. Fondspascaldecroos.org reserves the right at any time modify these terms of use. The amended User Agreement will be published on the site fondspascaldecroos.org and will automatically be effective thirty days after the initial publication on the site.

Article 2. Liability

Fondspascaldecroos.org can not be held responsible for inaccuracies or omissions in the information as listed on the site. This applies to information provided by fondspascaldecroos.org itself was placed on the site, and for information from the information users and providers. Inaccuracies or omissions on the site fondspascaldecroos.org no right to financial compensation. Fondspascaldecroos.org is not responsible with respect to users or third parties for any direct, indirect, incidental damages, lost profits or for any damages caused by its negligence or omission in providing, compiling, assembling, writing and interpreting information. fondspascaldecroos.org website explicitly offers the "as is". For the technical realization takes place through the most advanced techniques. Fondspascaldecroos.org can not be held responsible for the (temporary) failure or malfunctioning of the system. Fondspascaldecroos.org is not responsible for links to sites operated by third parties. fondspascaldecroos.org has no control over the mentioned sites and accepts no liability with respect to the content. The inclusion of links to such websites does not mean that the elements fondspascaldecroos.org adopts these sites contain, and does not necessarily imply a collaboration between fondspascaldecroos.org and the owners of these sites. The information on the site is changed periodically. Fondspascaldecroos.org reserves the right to make improvements and / or changes to the site.


Article 3. Intellectual property and copyright

The user specifically acknowledges that the information provided on the site (text, graphics ,...) owned and remain fondspascaldecroos.org. Nothing on the site may be used for reproduction, adaptation, distribution, sale, publication or commercial purposes without prior written permission of fondspascaldecroos.org. It is also forbidden to such information electronically to save or use it for illegal purposes. Saving fondspascaldecroos.org information From the site in a database is not allowed, except the automatic 'caching' of information through a browser.


Article 4. Terms of Use RSS

You may use the RSS feeds that can be offered free on this website if you adhere to the following terms of use. You use the RSS feeds for commercial purposes or as part of a paying service. You mention the use of the data feeds and you clearly fondspascaldecroos.org source provides a link from each title to the corresponding press release. The RSS feeds may not be used on sites whose content is contrary to public policy or morality, discriminatory, offensive, defamatory or offensive, or otherwise infringing on the rights of others or in any way conflict with the laws in force in Belgium. You agree that the fondspascaldecroos.org not responsible for any problems or resulting from the use of the RSS feeds. Fondspascaldecroos.org has the right immediately cease use of the RSS feeds to ask whether the terms of use to modify or discontinue the offer.


Article 5. Privacy regulations and protection of privacy

Fondspascaldecroos.org collects personal information necessary for an optimal functioning of the site to ensure our service offering or to further optimize the user to provide personalized services. Fondspascaldecroos.org This information will not be used for actions or messages of a commercial nature. Fondspascaldecroos.org undertakes never to disclose such information to third parties without the explicit consent of the party. fondspascaldecroos.org also collect information in log files. This information is used for internal purposes, such as traffic and profile analysis and able to meet the service offerings of the site further point to make. Fondspascaldecroos.org sometimes uses "cookies" (small pieces of information on the hard disk of the user are written to use the website to facilitate). Changes to the Privacy Policy fondspascaldecroos.org are always possible, but will be communicated to users via the website. In accordance with the law of December 8, 1992 to protect privacy, all data the user to enter our site available upon request and, if the user wishes, within a reasonable period corrected for free. Fondspascaldecroos.org with contact address Rozenweg 4b, 1731 Zellik, tel 32 2 705 59 19, is responsible for processing, storing and managing personal information. Only the individual e-mail addresses of visitors that we send are stored. Removed from the database to be sufficient us an e-mail. The user can personal data at any time upon simple request without any cost. The visitor may still object to the use of his data for direct marketing purposes.


Article 6. Evidence and applicable law

The Belgian law applies. The parties accept that the electronic communication between them legal force of documentary evidence. In the event of litigation or dispute only the courts of Brussels have jurisdiction.