News - Journalists from 40 countries join in support for WikiLeaks

WORLD - Journalists from every region of the world have joined together to support the whistle-blowing organization Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange who, they say, have provided an extraordinary resource for journalists around the world and made "an outstanding contribution to transparency and accountability on the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars".


News - Latvian Brides - a new European story with support from Journalismfund.eu

BRUSSELS - In the far East and far West of the EU two journalists work on the same story about scam marriages. Thanks to a grant from Journalismfund.eu they could cooperate and uncovered a world where fraud, sexual exploitation and rape are commonplace. The scam bases the EU rules on free movement and legal loopholes. >>


News - Ides Debruyne called emancipated journalists

BRUSSELS - In a recent article featured on journalismfund.eu, Ides Debruyne, director of the Pascal Decroos Fund, argues that journalists should be emancipated from their media organizations and become entrepreneurs. Debruyne argues this in light of the changing climate of the news media and the public political movements in Western Europe.


News - Cross border scheme required cross-border reporting

BRUSSELS — A money laundering scheme could only be revealed through cross-border cooperation, says the team behind the latest story supported by Journalismfund.eu. An Estonian team started out and in cooperation with Bulgarian colleague revealed several stories including party funding and a pyramid-style investment scheme. By Brigitte Alfter


News - #dataharvest13

One of the most relevant networking events for investigative and data journalists covering Europe is up to its third edition this year. Journalismfund.eu’s Data Harvest Conference brings together committed journalists from all over Europe to pass on their skills and share their stories and inspiration. #dataharvest13 will take place on 3 and 4 May in Brussels.

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