Eric Mwamba

Eric Mwamba is a Congolese-Australian journalist.

He is a seasoned investigative reporter and founder of the Grand Journal, a weekly investigative newspaper established in Kinshasha. 


Eric Mwamba
Investigative journalism, Africa

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AFRICA - Close to two thirds of women in poor areas in Africa resort to selling sex to be able to feed themselves and their families. That is the result of a random interviewing exercise conducted in seven African countries in areas where the average income is on or below the poverty line of US$ 1,90 a day.

Getting Rich in Poverty-stricken Congo

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Congolese-Australian journalist Eric Mwamba went on a search to find the secret behind the riches of the Congolese elite. Many of his witnesses prefered staying anonymous for fear of their lives – which looks like a kind of Congolese omerta. John Vandaele selected Mwamba’s strongest observations and added some personal touches.