372 ondersteunde journalisten gevonden die voldoen aan je criteria. Op kaart

Daniel Lambo

Daniel Lambo (° Willebroek, 1968) studied literature and scriptwriting. He started writing for theater and television. As a director, he mainly focuses on socially relevant themes. He makes both documentaries and feature films. Meanwhile he worked…
Daniel Lambo

Daniela De Lorenzo

Daniela De Lorenzo is an Italian freelance multimedia journalist based in Brussels, Belgium.

David Bert Joris Dhert

David Bert Joris Dhert graduated as a development economist at Ghent University and chose to work with documentary film and photography instead of with statistics.

David Dembele

David Dembele is a Malinese journalist.

David Van Peteghem

Freelance investigative journalist David Van Peteghem (1976) studied philosophy at Antwerp University. As a journalist he keeps a close eye on the developments in West Africa, especially Nigeria, Benin and Togo. His articles appear in Dewereldmorgen…

David Van Reybrouck

David Van Reybrouck (Bruges, 1971) was born into a Flemish family of florists, bookbinders and artists. His father, a farmer’s son, spent five years in Congo as a railway engineer immediately after independence.

Debby Huysmans

Debby Huysmans studied photography at the Academy in Ghent. In 2003 she graduated and received the artistic prize Horlait Dapsens. She made several photo serials in Poland, Romania, Belgium and Russia. Her work has been shown in several domestic and…

Débora Votquenne

Débora Votquenne is a Belgian freelance journalist.

Denise Van den Broeck

Denise Van den Broeck (°1957) is a Belgian freelance journalist.

Didier Verbruggen

Didier Verbruggen (1970) is a Belgian researcher and consultant on natural resources in sub-Saharan Africa.
Didier Verbruggen

Dieter De Cleene

Dieter De Cleene is a Belgian science journalist.

Dieter Telemans

Dieter Telemans (°1971) is a Belgian photographer.

Dimitri Van Zeebroeck

Dimitri Van Zeebroeck is a Belgian photographer and documentary maker.

Dimple Chaudhary

Dimple Chaudhary is a photographer, writer, motorcyclist, queer, living and working in India.

Dirk Barrez

Dirk Barrez (1956) is author and editor-in-chief of PALA.be.

Dominique Soenens

Dominique Soenens is a freelance (investigative) journalist.

Ebe Daems

Ebe Daems is a Belgian freelance journalist.

Eddy van Wessel

Eddy van Wessel is a Dutch photojournalist.

Egmont Ruelens

Egmont Ruelens (1985) is a general practitioner.

Elien Spillebeen

Elien Spillebeen is a Belgian journalist and documentary filmmaker

Elisa Nelissen

Elisa Nelissen is a freelance journalist and communications expert.

Elisabeth Ackaert

Elisabeth Ackaert is a Belgian journalist.

Elisabeth Broekaert

Elisabeth Broekaert is a Belgian photographer.

Elke Borghs

Elke Borghs lived in Puerto Barrios near Santo Tomas, Guatemala for a year in 1997-1998. As a local contact person and interpreter she guided the directors of the documentary Tu ne verras pas Verapaz around.

Ellen Debackere

Ellen Debackere is a freelance journalist and researcher.

Elles van Gelder

Elles van Gelder (35) has been living and working in South-Africa as a journalist and filmmaker for six years. In Belgium she works for Flemish public broadcaster VRT and newspaper De Standaard and in the Netherlands for NOS, NRC Handelsblad en VPRO…

Els Put

Els Put is a freelance journalist.

Els van Diggele

Els van Diggele is a historian, journalist, writer, editor and is researching the history of Palestinian society and recent socio-economic changes.

Emile Schra

Emile Schra is a Dutch writer and teacher.
Emile Schra

Emma Lesuis

Emma Lesuis is a freelance documentary maker.