ARGENTINA - Just outside Neuquén, at 'kilometre 7' on Ruta-7, lies the factory of ceramic tiles Zanon. There they are achieving something very special. Ten years ago the workers of Zanon took over their factory. The expropriation has been completed since January.

The workers, united in a cooperative, officially became the owners of the name, the brand and the ceramics factory. The Fabrica Sin Patrones (Factory without Bosses) is a unique experiment of emancipation. It struggles to hold on in the capitalist economy.

Greet Brauwers

Multimedia journalist, Greet Brauwers (°1963), graduated from the KASK film school in Ghent (Belgium) and freelanced for TV (VRT, tvbrussel) and DeWereldMorgen.be.She's made several documentary films a.o. 'Bruxelles-Kinshasa', 'Do You Copy Me?', …
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