It used to be no more than the curse of acrimonious racists. Today, however, it is an optimistic dream. Increasingly more well-educated Moroccans born in Belgium, children or grandchildren from former migrant workers, decide to build a future in the country that their parents fled from so many years earlier.

Morocco used to be a country they spent their annual holidays in. That was all they knew of 'le pays'. They had grown up with the disappointment and bitterness their parents felt over the repression and poverty that had driven them away before. But in recent years, Morocco has been booming. The country is actively looking for brains, talent and investors, and while in Belgium these adolescents will always be 'Moroccans' despite their diploma, in Morocco they are 'Europeans with a Future'.

In this twofold story, Belgian Moroccans NesrineSalimZakariaMeriemYoussefSabrineZohir and Bilen talk about ambitions, money and careers. About being stuck between two shores and never actually belonging to either. But also about getting home, happiness, being accepted and fostering big dreams.

Marjorie Blomme

Marjorie Blomme is a Belgian freelance journalist.

Bob Van Mol

Bob Van Mol is a Belgian freelance photographer.
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