BRUSSELS - On 22 March 2016, bombs explode at Zaventem airport and at Brussels' Maelbeek metro station. After the attacks in Paris and in other European cities, Belgium too is not escaping the terror of the Islamic State (IS). The explosions killed 35 people. More than three hundred people were wounded.

Brussels was locked down, the threat level in the country was raised from three to four. Everyone remembers where they were when the news broke.

How do victims, surviving relatives and aid workers look back on the attacks five years later? How did politicians and security people experience 9/11 in Belgium? Where do we stand since then in terms of security and terrorism? Journalist Joanie de Rijke and doctor Tine Gregoor go in search for answers.

Cover design: Merel van Meurs
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Joanie de Rijke

Joanie de Rijke is a freelance journalist.
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