EGYPT - Late 2011, early 2012. While people are dying on Tahrir Square, four Belgian photographers go in search of personal stories in a metropolis of 20 million inhabitants where fault lines have suddenly been enlarged. This results in images that you don't see on TV or in the newspaper.

Tahrir was the starting point, not the end goal. The social upheavals that have taken place in Cairo over the past two years cannot be reduced to a history of a square. It is surrounded by a city of millions, which keeps on  in spite of the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators. What lives in this city feeds the square.

The four photographers follow the streets that vein this city and thus draw us into the social fabric. Rather than focusing on the daily flow of news facts, they focus on individual stories of people and places, which repeatedly reveal different fault lines.

The project "Cairopolis" was initiated by Jan Beke.

Filip Claus

Filip Claus is a Belgian photographer.

Bieke Depoorter

Bieke Depoorter is a Belgian photographer.

Zaza Bertrand

Zaza Bertrand is a Belgian photographer based in Ghent, Belgium.

Harry Gruyaert

Harry Gruyaert is a Belgian photographer.
€ 4.500 allocated on 12/0/2012.
Fonds Pascal Decroos



  • Title: Cairopolis
  • Authors: Jan Beke, Harry Gruyaert, Filip Claus, Bieke Depoorter, Zaza Bertrand
  • Editor: Snoeck Publishers
  • ISBN: 9789461610829
  • Date of publication: 25/02/2013


  • Cairopolis
  • Kunsthal Sint-Pieterabdij, Sint-Pietersplein 9, Gent, Belgium.
  • 22/02/2013 till 20/05/2013