CUBA - Everyone has an opinion about Cuba, but in 'Cuba after Castro' Lode Delputte shows what is really at stake. Cuba's future is inextricably linked to its self-proclaimed glorious past. No reasonable person would doubt that Fidel Castro's time is long gone. Even the political elite in Havana have come to understand that today's revolution is but a glimpse of what it used to be.

To be sure: they didn't reach this conclusion yesterday nor the day before, but years ago, when the European political scene, and not only the left, still excelled in pious devotion towards Fidel. Today, many Cubans yearn for a better, freer and richer society. Yet very few are asking for a steamroller. Some reconciliation that allows for the best of two world's to coexist, a nation finally in peace with itself: this seems to be what most Cubans are longing for. Pushed by a relentless urge to tell fascinating stories, Lode Delputte portrays Cuba's past, present and future.

Lode Delputte

Lode Delputte is a Belgian freelance journalist.
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BOOK (only in Dutch)

  • Title: Cuba na Castro
  • Subtitle: Een eiland in omwenteling
  • Author: Lode Delputte
  • Publisher: Meulenhoff/Manteau, Antwerpen
  • ISBN: 978 90 8542 158 0
  • Pages: 296 
  • Price: € 21,50
  • Publication: March 4, 2009