Three years after the Maidan revolution Ukraine is still restless. A team of four young multimedia journalists is conducting research on the aftershocks of Maidan for four weeks.

The protests caused a political, economic and psychological earthquake in the country. New smuggling routes were created, families were driven apart, millions of people had to flee and the economy of the country collapsed in a short time.

Journalists Olivia Kortas and Kasper Goethals join forces with photographers Johannes De Bruycker and Bernd Fink. They are all members of the journalistic collective The Caravan's Journal. They combine their research into long stories, videos and photo reports. They give a face to the geo-political heated front line.

Kasper Goethals

Kasper Goethals is a Belgian international investigative journalist for De Standaard.

Bernd Fink

Bernd Fink is a world traveler and photographer. He focuses on imaging less well-known destinations, subcultures and urban arts.

Olivia Kortas

Olivia Kortas is a German-Polish reporter.

Johannes De Bruycker

Johannes De Bruycker is a Belgian freelance documentary photographer, video maker and founder of The Caravan's Journal.