The current events surrounding the refugee flow cannot be ignored by the media, conversations and our thoughts. At the same time, the reception of refugees is only the first phase. The integration, the second phase, is the common thread through this documentary about the refugees in Lampedusa.

Doctor Bartolo finds Omar, a 21-year-old Tunisian migrant, stranded on the Lampedusa coast. He offers Omar a family, a house and a job as an interpreter at the local detention center. Around the same time Adam, a 16-year-old boy from Ghana, is taken care of by a family that runs a hotel and for whom he works as a room boy.

Both boys were lucky. Or not? Lampedusa: the promised land or a prison in the Mediterranean? Based on two unique stories we experience the search for freedom of both the residents of Lampedusa and the newcomers. A moving, compelling and very topical story about the integration of refugees after their reception.

A documentary by Tim De Keersmaecker, after a screenplay by Anna Luyten and Tim De Keersmaecker.

Tim De Keersmaecker

Tim De Keesmaecker is a Belgian director and assistant researcher at the RITSC in Brussels.
€ 5000 allocated on 19/06/2014.
Fonds Pascal Decroos



  • Mooov, Turnhout/Brugge 21, 23, 25, 26 en 30 april 2016.
  • Doc Poppies, 10 december 2015 (Leuven, Cinema Zed)
  • Doc Poppies, 1 december 2015 (verschillende locaties)