Europe is not doing well. At least, that is what we would say if we would talk about it at all. Because we rarely mention our continent, let alone discuss it in detail. Europe, that's what's going on above our heads. We don't care. Europe costs us too much and dictates too much.

In Ons Europa is niet dat van hen ('Our Europe is different from theirs') Daan Ballegeer tries to find out where it went wrong, and if there is still a future for a real Europe of the people. That future is not in the past. Ballegeer describes how Europe has become what it is. He looks at the founding fathers, scrutinises the way Europe operates concretely as a gargantuan subsidy-dividing machine, and he asks what regular people in Belgium and the Netherlands think of Europe.

Daan Ballegeer

Daan Ballegeer (°1982) is a Belgian journalist and writes for various Belgian and Dutch newspapers and magazines.
Daan Ballegeer
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Title: Ons Europa is niet dat van hen
Subtitle: Op zoek naar een toekomst voor ons continent
Author: Daan Ballegeer
Publisher: De Bezige Bij Antwerpen
Number of pages: 288
Price: € 19.99
ISBN: 9789085425670
Publication date: 30 April 2014