Pakistan – Het gevaarlijkste land ter wereld (Pakistan – The most dangerous country in the world) is the first book by a Dutch journalist about the current situation in Pakistan. It is a brutally honest story about politics, terrorism, and crime based on the author’s own research in the area.

Brilliantly topical! The raw reality of a country in crisis. In 2010, Pakistan was mainly in the news because of the disastrous floods which rather diverted attention from terrorism. However, the threats and atrocities have not diminished.

The roots of global terrorism can be traced back to Pakistan. Undoubtedly, a dangerous state of affairs in a country possessing nuclear capability. Events in Pakistan are potentially relevant to the rest of us.

Joanie de Rijke

Joanie de Rijke is a freelance journalist.
A working grant of € 11.000 allocated on 30/11/2009.
Fonds Pascal Decroos

BOOK (only in Dutch)
Title: Pakistan
Subtitle: Het gevaarlijkste land ter wereld (The most dangerous country in the world)
Author: Joanie de Rijke
Publisher: De geus (The Netherlands)
ISBN: 9789044517217
Pages: ca. 256
Prize: €18,90
Publication: January 2012

Joanie de Rijke, Pakistan, het gevaarlijkste land ter wereld
Paperback, 256 pages