SPAIN - Some 500 street vendors from Senegal, India and Pakistan work in the streets of Barcelona. Arkasha Keysers talked to them about fake sneakers, bad beer and the fear of a criminal record.

Every day, an estimated 500 street vendors spread their cloths in the center of Barcelona. From that cloth, manta in Spanish, street vendors get their collective name: manteros. The manteros are mostly men between the age of 20 and 35. Approximately 95 percent of them come from Senegal. The question is also: where do the manteros get their fake stuff?

Together with the Spanish photographer Carlos Roth, journalist Arkasha Keysers went to investigate.

Arkasha Keysers

Arkasha Keysers is a Belgian journalist and an occasionally photographer. She produces reports, often in an international context.
Arkasha Keysers

Carlos Roth

Carlos Roth is a psychologist and photographer, who lives in Barcelona. He's inspired by skate culture and prefers to photograph on the street. He already traveled to Iran, Indonesia and Singapore to capture people and their customs with his camera…
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Senegal aan de Ramblas, Knack, 31/10/2018. (in Dutch)