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Non-transportable livestock

  • Agriculture
  • Transport

LOW COUNTRIES - Belgium as a drain on the Dutch cattle industry

The Netherlands and Belgium not aligned in fight against drugs

  • Industry
  • Justice
  • Politics

The ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam are the main European gateway for cocaine. Publicly, the Netherlands and Belgium proclaim their united commitment to breaking the backbone of the drug trade. But behind the scenes, differences in political culture are at play, and resentment and gloom reign.

Arguing on the railroad

  • Armed conflict
  • Transport

LOW COUNTRIES - How the Netherlands and Belgium argue over the Iron Rhine

The new Nederbelg

  • Migration
  • Cities

ESSEN/HOOGSTRATEN/PUTTE - Belgian real estate agents are seeing more and more Dutch people moving across the border, in a desperate attempt to find an affordable house in the border region. What does that do to life in a border region. Apache and OC Spit traveled from Essen across Hoogstraten to Putte and spoke with owners.

The Port Project

ANTWERPEN/ROTTERDAM - The social damage of air pollution caused by the (petro)chemical sector in the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam runs into billions of euros. This is according to an investigation by Apache and Follow The Money based on official figures on emissions and transfer of pollutants from large industrial facilities.

Green port - mirage or miracle?

  • Energy
  • Industry
  • Environment

ROTTERDAM - The Port of Rotterdam claims to champion sustainability but is the reality matching its marketing?

Is the Dutch Language Union going on the deep end?

  • Culture
  • Education

AMSTERDAM/BRUSSELS - The Dutch Language Union is unique in the world; nowhere else do two countries cooperate so closely in a policy area. They have been doing so since 1980, when the Netherlands and Belgium concluded the Language Union Treaty. In it they solemnly declared their joint commitment to spread the Dutch language throughout the world.

Great Belgian hunger for Zeeland's farmland

  • Agriculture

ZEELAND - To whom does the Dutch province of Zeeland belong? Partly to Belgians, who own up to a fifth of the agricultural land in the southernmost part of the province. The Dutch research collective Spit and the Belgian platform Apache went in search of the large landowners and answered the question: why are they active there?

The art of looking away

  • Healthcare
  • Industry

BRUSSELS - The pollution around the 3M plant has been known for years. Yet the PFOS scandal did not erupt in Flanders until the spring of 2021.