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Yovo Bonsoir

  • Human Rights

Yovo Bonsoir breaks with clichés about Africa. The white volunteer traveling in West African Benin is the guide. With the help of local colleagues, three young Flemish journalists investigate the true nature of "voluntourism", a popular holiday trend that combines tourism and volunteerism.

Kakuma, The Invisible City

  • Armed conflict

How to build a home in a place called nowhere? Filmmaker Lieven Corthouts decided to stay in one of the toughest places on earth and make this camp his home.

Nazi-looted art from Belgium

  • Culture

During the Second World War just about every Nazi-leader had its own art collection. The hunger for art was enormous. Which paintings were brought from Belgium to Nazi Germany?

Dilemmas of Democracy

  • Justice
  • Politics

The 20th century has been characterised by the granting of a diverse range of rights to different segments of society. But for some of these rights, we haven’t found the ideal democratic ways to organise them yet. Three cases.

Project Victoria: Kakuma

  • Migration

In a remote corner of the sparsely populated northwest of Kenya, the Kakuma Refugee Camp was founded in 1991. The persistent instability in the region caused a society with increasingly urban characteristics to arise.

Why I want to save the Indians

  • Armed conflict

Sitting Bull personifies the mystery of the Indians. One of the few whites who enjoyed Sitting Bull's confidence was Father Pieter-Jan De Smet, a Jesuit from Dendermonde (Belgium) who came to rescue the Indians. The savage story of these two men is overwhelming. Karl van den Broeck goes in search of the truth behind the myth.

Bring the Jews home

  • Armed conflict
  • Migration
  • Religion

The Belgian Koen Carlier has a mission: he wants to bring all Jews in the world to Israel. With the support of Christians for Israel, he travels through Ukraine to help Jews return to Israel. Because only then will the Messiah come, says Koen ...


  • Finance
  • Politics

A completely new view on the Fortis-case and especially on the very closed deliberation procedure in the magistracy. Wim Van den Eyndes book Fortisgate raises serious questions about the functioning of the judiciary in Belgium.


  • Corruption
  • Justice
  • Organised crime

An investigation into the contemporary Italian mafia in Europe. Or how the mafia made its way to the Low Countries.

Vir 'n glasie wyn

  • Agriculture
  • Work

The world behind a glass of South-African wine. Emma Lesuis went back to the winery where she made the documentary "Vir 'n glasie wyn" (For a glass of wine) and saw that little had changed. That's why she went looking for solutions and discovered the world of Fairtrade.