NGOs, city administrations and publishers worldwide switch to FSC-certified paper. Ordinary consumers can buy copy and printing paper as well as paper towels and even wallpaper bearing the tree logo. But is the paper's green image justified? An-Katrien Lecluyse and Leo Broers investigated the case in the eucalyptus plantations of the Brazilian state Bahia.

An-Katrien Lecluyse

An-Katrien Lecluyse (b. 1980) studied Indology (Ghent University) and is a freelance journalist.

Leo Broers

Leopold Broers (b. 1975) has been writing articles for MO* since 2006 and Knack (Flemish magazines). His interest is mainly on environmental conflicts, human rights and social movements in South America.
A working grant of 3.890 € allocated on 07/09/2009.
Fonds Pascal Decroos