Corien van Zweden is a Dutch journalist.

Corien van Zweden (1962) has been working as an independent journalist since 1994. She writes about health care and psychiatry, education and development cooperation. 'De kunst van het rouwen' (The art of mourning) was published in 2008. In 2015 her book 'Een hapje van de zon. Vijf gezichten van kanker' (A snack from the sun. Five faces of cancer.) was published.

Foto: © Mark Kohn


Corien van Zweden
Health care, development cooperation

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Only when Corien van Zweden lost her left breast to breast cancer did she delve into the biology and meaning of this intimate part of the body. She discovered that there is no other part of the body with such a multi-faceted course of life as the female breast.