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Aïlien Reyns

Aïlien Reyns (1984 °) is a Brussels audiovisual artist and co-founder of the transdisciplinary production and distribution collective TRIPOT.
Aïlien Reyns

Aimée de Jongh

Aimée de Jongh (1988) is an animator, comic author and illustrator from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Aminata Demba

Aminata Demba (°1987, Antwerpen) is a Belgian-Malinese actress and presenter.

An-Katrien Lecluyse

An-Katrien Lecluyse (b. 1980) studied Indology (Ghent University) and is a freelance journalist.

Angelo Attanasio

Angelo Attanasio is a freelance journalist who mostly writes for newspapers and magazines in Spain (El País, El Periódico, Yo Dona, Vice), Italy (The Post Internazionale, Oggi24.it) and on an international level (Folha de Sao Paulo, MO* Magazine, …

Ann-Sofie Dekeyser

Ann-Sofie Dekeyser (°1983) works as a freelance journalist.

Annabell Van den Berghe

Annabell Van den Berghe studied Arabic language and has been working from Cairo since 2009. Her articles have been published in De Tijd, De Morgen, De Groene Amsterdammer, NRC.next, MO* and Knack. She also writes for English-language media such as…

Annemieke Hendriks

Annemieke Hendriks (1956) is a sociologist and journalist. She prefers the streets of Berlin, Germany and (Eastern) Europe to report on people of flesh and blood. Hendriks chose Berlin as a permanent base for her freelance work over ten years ago.

Annick Hus

Annick Hus studied journalism, international communication and international investigative journalism. After a few wanderings in the communication sector, she started working at the Flemish Association of Journalists in 2015. Today, Annick is a…

Annie van Gemert

Annie van Gemert specializes in interiors, portraits, and staged documentary photography.

Anoek Hofkens

Anoek Hofkens is an editor (online and TV) at the Dutch daily talk show Jinek. Prior to that, she worked for the feminist monthly magazine Opzij, NRC Nextand OneWorld. She has been on several reporting missions abroad, including the United States…

Arkasha Keysers

Arkasha Keysers is a Belgian journalist and an occasionally photographer. She produces reports, often in an international context.
Arkasha Keysers

Arminda Zandamela

Arminda Zandamela (1983) is een Mozambikaanse expert in HIV-preventie. Ze studeerde sociologie aan de Eduardo Modlane University in Maputo en behaalde een postgraduaat mensenrechten aan de Pontificia Universidade Católica in Rio de Janeiro. Ze…

Arnaud De Decker

Arnaud De Decker completed his studies in Journalism at the Erasmushogeschool Brussel in 2017, and is currently a Political Science student at the VUB.

Arne Gillis

Arne Gillis is a journalist and photographer and covers Africa for the Belgian magazine MO*.
Arne Gillis

Arno Van Rensbergen

Arno Van Rensbergen is a Belgian freelance journalist.

Arnold van Bruggen

Arnold van Bruggen is a documentary filmmaker and journalist at the Prospektor agency in Amsterdam, which he founded with Eefje Blankevoort.

Arthur Debruyne

Arthur Debruyne (1986) is a freelance journalist and writes stories for MO *, De Tijd, De Morgen, De Standaard and De Groene Amsterdammer, mainly about human rights and migration.

Ate Hoekstra

Ate Hoekstra (1981) has been working as a correspondent in Cambodia, Thailand, Birma, Vietnam and Laos since 2012. He regularly publishes stories in Trouw, De Tijd, Het Parool and De Persdienst and deals with a wide variety of topics.

Ayfer Erkul

Ayfer Erkul (1969) is a freelance journalist since 2016.

Belia Heilbron

Belia Heilbron (1986) is a freelance journalist en researcher. She writes about energy for De Onderzoeksredactie, De Groene Amsterdammer and De Correspondent. Belia studied journalism in Utrecht and sociology at Amsterdam University.

Berber Verpoest

Bernd Fink

Bernd Fink is a world traveler and photographer. He focuses on imaging less well-known destinations, subcultures and urban arts.

Bette Dam

The Dutch journalist Bette Dam lived in Afghanistan for four years, where she worked as a correspondent for NRC Handelsblad and Radio Netherlands Worldwide.
Bette Dam

Bieke Depoorter

Bieke Depoorter (°1986) completed her Master in Photography at the Kask in Gent in 2009. She is at this moment mainly working at her personal projects.

Bilal Benyaich

Bilal Benyaich (°1982) is a political scientist living in Brussels. He previously wrote the book Europe, Israel and the Palestinians (ASP). He is affiliated with Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel and the Sociaal…

Björn Soenens

Björn Soenens (1968) is America watcher for Flanders' public service broadcaster and heads its foreign affairs division.

Bram Conjaerts

Producer - director

Brecht Castel

Brecht Castel is a Belgian freelance journalist.
Brecht Castel

Brecht De Vleeschauwer

Brecht de Vleeschauwer (° 1988) is an independent photographer and journalist. After studying radio journalism at the Artevelde Hogeschool in Ghent and anthropology at the ISCSP in Lisbon, he devoted himself more and more to telling stories in a…