Annemieke Hendriks (1956) is a sociologist and journalist.

She prefers the streets of Berlin, Germany and (Eastern) Europe to report on people of flesh and blood. Hendriks chose Berlin as a permanent base for her freelance work over ten years ago.

She has been writing about Germany and Europe, East and West, film and culture for a quarter of a century. Her work has already been published in the De Groene Amsterdammer, Vrij Nederland, de Volkskrant, Trouw, De Standaard and De Morgen.
She published seven books. 


Annemieke Hendriks
Germany, Europe

Gesteunde projecten


  • Environment
  • Agriculture

The Netherlands is one of the largest exporters of tomatoes and tomato seeds in the world. Journalist Annemieke Hendriks follows the life of the tomato, from birth to the plate, in the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Romania, Hungary and other European countries.