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Kazabula oyé, who are the Congolese mineral divers in the midst of the green transition?

They call themselves kazabuleurs. In the late 1980s, Zairean fishermen dived for diamonds, first near Tshikapa and then on the Angolan border during the civil war.

Rainbow Nation

  • Equality
  • Human Rights
  • Security

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa, the queer paradise, or at least that is what is said. We know the images of the annual Pride in Johannesburg. As such, South Africa is the only country on the entire African continent in which LGBTQIA+ persons have equal rights, and can also marry. Only: the contrast between the constitution and daily reality is stark.

Haiti - survival in a failed state

  • Armed conflict
  • Corruption
  • Organised crime

MARTISSANT - "This is where I realise my days are numbered" Joselia, an old lady, confides. In her neighbourhood, one of Port-au-Prince's slums, gangs are fighting for control of the few economic assets the city still has to offer. Haiti, the eternal worry child of the Caribbean, is now truly a "failed state".

Marching in the Dark

  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Politics

BHOPAL - Rural regions in India suffer a high suicide rate among farmers

Coral City

  • Healthcare
  • Innovation
  • Environment

COLOMBO - A Sri Lankan scientist, also a young mother, is trying to map the patterns of migrating coral larvae to protect the future of coral reefs and her people.

Egypt, important but underexposed player in EU migration policy

CAÏRO - With the war in the Gaza Strip, negotiations on a billion-dollar deal between the European Union (EU) and Egypt gained momentum. In exchange for more financial support, the EU wants Egypt to keep its borders tightly guarded. The EU envisions a "golden age" of cooperation with Egypt. 

Non-transportable livestock

  • Agriculture
  • Transport

LOW COUNTRIES - Belgium as a drain on the Dutch cattle industry

The Netherlands and Belgium not aligned in fight against drugs

  • Industry
  • Justice
  • Politics

The ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam are the main European gateway for cocaine. Publicly, the Netherlands and Belgium proclaim their united commitment to breaking the backbone of the drug trade. But behind the scenes, differences in political culture are at play, and resentment and gloom reign.

Cultural heritage under siege: Ukrainian culture after two years of war

  • Armed conflict
  • Culture
  • Cities

In January 2024, Dutch investigative journalist Linda van der Pol and Belgian photographer Gena Kagermanov traveled to Ukraine to investigate the impact of the Russian invasion on the Ukrainian cultural sector in several cities.

Planet B

  • Armed conflict
  • Healthcare
  • Youth

BRUSSELS - Two young people are growing up in a world that is destroying itself. They each seek their own path and test how far they are willing to go in their actions.