David Leloup has worked as a freelance journalist in Belgium since 2000.

He has worked with various TV and print media in Belgium (Le Soir, RTBF, Le Vif/L'Express), France (Rue89, Le Monde), Switzerland (Le Temps) and India (Headlines Today). Leloup is co-founder of the Belgian research journal M├ędor and the director of several documentaries ("A Leak in Paradise", "Saint-Nicolas est socialiste").


David Leloup
Tax evasion, corruption and economic crime, science and environment

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The question of 14 million: where is Poverello's money?

  • Corruption
  • Finance
  • Human Rights

BRUSSELS - Journalists at KNACK, LeVif and RTBF have joined forces to investigate the peculiar financial management of the non-profit organisation Poverello. They greedily buy real estate that often remains empty. The organisation appears to be very rich, but hardly ever uses its money for working with the poor.