Débora Votquenne is a Belgian freelance journalist.

After studying International Politics (UAntwerpen) and Journalism (EHB), she mainly worked for international broadcasters (RTE, SVT, BBC, npr, TF1, LCI, Euronews, YLE, Al Arabiya , MBC, ... ) and took care of audiovisual productions for European institutions. 



Débora Votquenne

Supported projects

The forgotten generation

  • Youth
  • Organised crime

BRUSSELS - In 2013, the Belgian television programme Panorama delved into the world of urban black gangs. The members spoke openly about life and survival on the streets of Brussels. Now, eight years later, they look back on their tough youth. Did they succeed in choosing the right path? Does the past still haunt them?

Meet the Moultons – Part II

  • Social Affairs

AUGUSTA - What if you could measure a mother's future dreams for her children against the life that has become? In 1995 the photographer Elisabeth Broekaert travelled to Maine, in the north-east of the United States. Ronnie and Laurie Moulton opened their doors and let her make portraits that were then published in the Belgian newspaper De Standaard.