Ellen Debackere is a freelance journalist and researcher.

She studied History at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and afterwards wrote a PhD at the University of Antwerp and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. With her research she focused on immigration policy in nineteenth-century Antwerp. The commercial edition of her book comes out in the spring of 2020 under the title "Welcome to Antwerp? The Antwerp immigration policy, 1830-1880 ". As a freelance journalist, she has already written for various media, and occasionally reinforces the editorial staff of BRUZZ. She prefers to write about social (in) equality, migration, sustainability and history.


Ellen Debackere
social (in)equality, migration, sustainability, history

Supported projects

Women of the Hirak

  • Conflict
  • Human Rights
  • Equal opportunities

TANGIER - Hirak protests broke out in northern Morocco three years ago. Following the terrible death of a fish seller, the Riffines were crying out for good education, health care, work, fair justice and the fight against corruption. But the regime hit hard, resulting in hundreds of arrests. The leaders of the non-violent Hirak movement were sentenced to twenty years in prison.