Hanne Couderé is a Belgian freelance journalist. She studied Political Sciences and Development Studies in Antwerp and Brussels, and completed a postgraduate course in International Research Journalism.

She interned at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, worked with refugees for an NGO for a while, and teaches part-time at a Brussels school for technical and vocational training. She writes about migration, human rights, conflicts and international politics. Her work has been published in Knack, Trends, MO* and De Correspondent.


Hanne Couderé
Human Rights, Development

Gesteunde projecten

The Heroin Route

  • Healthcare
  • Organised crime

Each year, 115 tonnes of heroin from Afghan poppy fields is exported to Europe. Who wins? Who loses? And what is the impact of lucrative drug smuggling on people who live along this Balkan route?

Broken freedom

  • Organised crime
  • Armed conflict
  • Equality

How terror became more important than human rights. And why this only leads to more terror. Three lessons from Chechnya, Kashmir and Sri Lanka.