Katrin Lohmann is an actress, audio creator and psychotherapist. She works within the performing arts, media and mental health care - with an eclectic passion for storytelling.

Katrin works as an independent psychotherapist in the psychiatric wing f of the Antwerp prison and in group practice Conciente.

She is also active in the professional stage circuit and Flemish fiction, performing roles in Beau Sejour, Salamander and Callboys, among others. She recently appeared as a sidekick in Canvas programmes such as hetleven.doc and De Ideale Wereld.

Katrin is also artistic coordinator of the socio-cultural non-profit association hell-er, in which she also organises her own podcast series, halfway between docu and radio play: Radio Begijnenstraat, a poetic montage of life stories, lyrics and music by and with detainees.


Katrin Lohmann

Supported projects

This is where mommy lives now

  • Social Affairs
  • Justice

BRUGGE - In Europe, children sometimes end up in prison. Not because they have done something wrong, but because they are the (unborn) child of a convicted, accused or interned woman. Bruges prison even has a special ward where young children can live with their imprisoned mothers.

Locked up in lockdown

  • Security
  • Human Rights
  • Healthcare

MERKSPLAS - March 2020. Corona shuts down Belgium. Everyone has to stay inside. Door closed, one hour a day outside. A story that sounds familiar to the residents of Merksplas prison.