Kurt Deruyter is a Belgian photographer.

Kurt Deruyter studied Sociology in Leuven followed by a master in journalism with specialization in photojournalism. After his studies, he worked as a (photo)journalist for various newspapers and magazines before venturing out into more artistic domains. Since 2004 he works as a freelance photographer and artist.

His main subject is on how we relate to our environment (both natural and man-made) and the interdependent dynamics of this relationship.

His works are collected by museums and private collectors. A list of his most important projects and exhibitions can be found on www.kurtderuyter.com.


Kurt Deruyter

Supported projects


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SENEGAL/ALGERIA/MOROCCO - Sufism is experiencing a real revival in the Muslim world after a long period of decay and even persecution. In countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Turkey, there is a clear revival both in religious and political terms, and this has its consequences for migrant communities here in the West.

Halfway Home

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BRUSSELS - Something's brewing in Brussels. Photographer Kurt Deruyter has been working for years on a project in the Brussels neighbourhoods of Molenbeek and Cureghem. Together with De Standaard-journaliste Sarah Vankersschaever, he has spent the past few months looking for a new perspective on these neighbourhoods, where chaos, entrepreneurship and cosmopolitanism dominate the streetscape.