Louis Lammertyn is a freelance photographer and consultant. 

Louis Lammertyn holds a Master's degree in Commercial Engineering (KUL), International Investigative Journalism (Thomas More, Mechelen) and studies photography (Luca School of Arts). He worked for several years as a strategic consultant for Roland Berger and then moved to Colombia to work as a consultant on renewable energy and hydrogen. There he started as a freelance photographer documenting social change and environmental issues in the Colombian plantations. After his return to Europe, he continued to focus on photography and research on circular economic models, ecology and working conditions. As a freelancer he made photographs and articles for VRT NWS, Vranckx & de Nomaden, MO, 11.11.11., UNDP, FOS.


Louis Lammertyn
Photography, circular economic models, ecology and working conditions

Supported projects

Uniforms of Belgian soldiers and policemen made by exploited Romanian workers

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  • Human Rights

FALTECINI - Belgian police and army uniforms are made in Romanian factories with Belgian owners, by seamstresses who can barely make a living from their wages. What is wrong with our public tenders? "As long as price remains the most important award criterion, someone always pays the price.