Louis Lammertyn is a Belgian freelance photographer and journalist. 

He has been working on different documentary articles and stories mainly focus on ecology and social change. He is currently working on a series of articles on the overconsumption of consumer electronics and the effects on the environment, climate and our wallet. Last articles published include the contribution to a piece on “Made in Europe”: the labor conditions of Romanian textile workers producing our army and police uniforms. Prior topics were about labor conditions on banana, palm oil, coffee and cacao plantations in Colombia and the re-integration of former FARC rebels.


Louis Lammertyn
Photography, circular economic models, ecology and working conditions

Gesteunde projecten

The invisible cost of electronics

  • Innovation
  • Environment

BRUSSELS - We consume one phone every two to three years on average. That’s not good for the environment nor for the climate. In Europe more than two hundred million smartphones are being sold annually. This market is highly dominated by Apple, Samsung and Huawei. So they determine the level of durability for those devices, and how easy it is to repair them. On one hand our phones often die very fast and we don’t get it fixed, on the other hand the consumer is being seduced by the latest technological advancements.

Uniforms of Belgian soldiers and policemen made by exploited Romanian workers

  • Work
  • Human Rights

FALTECINI - Belgian police and army uniforms are made in Romanian factories with Belgian owners, by seamstresses who can barely make a living from their wages. What is wrong with our public tenders? "As long as price remains the most important award criterion, someone always pays the price.