Manno Lanssens is a Belgian documentary maker. 

Manno Lanssens studied Economics and Philosophy at the University of Antwerp. Then he chose an audiovisual education at Luca School of Arts in Brussels. He combines TV work with personal projects as an independent documentary director. After several short films, he realized a medium length fiction film 'Avant la nuit’, an intriguing story about urban solitude. After the death of his grandmother, he also directed the feature length documentary 'Epilogue', a documentary about the end of life. Both films were very well received and went on to win several international prizes. This year Manno is releasing his new documentary ‘On Air’ about an independent radio station in Burundi.


Manno Lanssens

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BURUNDI - Bob Rugurika is the director of Radio Publique Africaine (RPA), the most popular independent radio station in Burundi. As an investigative journalist, he is also a forerunner in the fight for freedom of expression in his country, willing to risk his life to expose the truth.