Margot Cassiers (° 1992) is a historian and investigative journalist.

She studied History, Conflict & Development and International Investigative Journalism. She started her journalistic career as editor-in-chief of Verrekijkers Magazine. Her articles appeared on Knack, VICE, Apache, EOS Route, Charlie, MO *, DeWereldMorgen and StampMedia. As a freelancer she co-founded Freelance Thursdays. Since July 2019 she has been working full-time as a researcher / journalist for Headline News Facilities Productions.


Margot Cassiers
Investigative journalism

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The Flemish story behind heritage in southern Africa

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GABORONE - In the series "The Flemish story behind heritage in southern Africa", Margot Cassiers investigates what was achieved with the Flemish Community's long-term investment in intangible cultural heritage in southern Africa. "Why should I learn about Aristotle, not about my grandfather?"