Mei-Li Nieuwland works as an illustrator and concept artist.

Mei-Li Nieuwland (1988) is an auto-didact. Her academic background is artificial intelligence and cultural anthropology. Mei-Li works as an illustrator and concept artist for various clients and companies, for example game giant Hasbro, broadcaster VPRO and the international platform for comic journalism Cartoon Movement.

In 2017 she set up her own platform for journalistic comic strips called 'Tekenen Voor de Toekomst' (Drawing for the future). With this platform she brings comic artists together to work on topics that determine the future, such as the elections. She loves science and technology, languages, politics, and images that encourage thought. She mainly works digitally.


Mei-Li Nieuwland
Illustrations, Comics

Supported projects

Lesbos: Three graphic reports made on the island.

  • Armed conflict
  • Migration
  • Politics

In October 2017 cartoonists Judith Vanistendael, Aimée de Jongh and Mei-Li Nieuwland visited the refugee camps of Moria and Kara Tepe on Lesvos.