Olivia Kortas is a German-Polish reporter.

Her reportages and analyzes appear in some of Europe’s most influential media, amongst others in The Economist, Die Zeit, Der Standard, F.A.Z., Deutsche Welle, De Groene Amsterdammer, and Tygodnik Powszechny. She works as a Poland correspondent from Warsaw and reports on international politics and the consequences of globalisation from all around the globe.


Olivia Kortas
Eastern Europe, Migration

Supported projects

Man and the Horn

  • Environment

NANYUKI - De Mens en de Hoorn is a project by Olivia Kortas and Kasper Goethals in collaboration with photographer Johannes De Bruycker. Based on the story of Najin and Fatu, the last two northern white rhinos on earth, they tell about the dysfunctional relationship between humans and their planet.

The Maidan earthquake effect

  • Politics

Three years after the Maidan revolution Ukraine is still restless. A team of four young multimedia journalists is conducting research on the aftershocks of Maidan for four weeks.