Peter Vanham is an economics journalist. He writes about the relation between the economy, entrepreneurship, and the real life everywhere in the world.

His work appeared in the Financial Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer and Business Insider. He also writes for Belgium’s most respected quality newspapers and magazines.

Peter holds an MA in Business and Economics from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism, and a MS in Business and Engineering from the the University of Leuven in Belgium.

He currently works as lead writer and US media lead for the World Economic Forum. 


Peter Vanham
Economics, USA

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The Divided States: how economic inequality shapes the 2012 Presidential race

  • Politics
  • International

As American voters prepare for the Presidential ballot, the economic inequality is the largest since the Great Depression. While the financial crisis left many people without a job and a lot of debt, a small majority is doing better than ever.
The elections are therefore less about personal or ethical preferences, than they are about the future ecnomic model of the States.