Born in Belgium in 1975, Pieter Van Eecke studied Philosophy at Ghent University and Sculpture at Sint-Lucas Brussels. He works and lives in South America and became a filmmaker.

His last documentary about the earthquake in Haiti, the internationally acclaimed Goudougoudou (co-directed with Fabrizio Scapin) was broadcast on television (TV5monde, RTBF, TG4) and was featured in various international film festivals.


Pieter Van Eecke

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Samuel in the clouds

  • Ecology
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On the roof of the world, a man looks out of the window, hoping for snow. Until recently, Samuel operated the ski lift of the only ski slope in Bolivia, just like his father before him. Samuel still loves to ski but the snow is disappearing. Lost in the clouds, he is now the only remaining employee and takes care of the dilapidated buildings. Tourists from all over the world come to visit the Chacaltaya for the breathtaking view. Samuel serves them tea.