Ruben Brugnera is an independent investigative journalist, based in Brussels.

His mission is to break important stories that are likely to be dismissed by day-to-day reporting and to make them accessible to a broad audience. His key interests lie in political-economic issues (corporate lobbying, regulation of technologies, health), the environment, the European Union, structural injustice and social exclusion.

Ruben enjoys engaging in cross-border investigations that at the same time have a strong local or national relevance. He holds a degree in political science and economics at KU Leuven and took part in Journalismfund’s IRJ training programme. He teaches in research, factchecking and history of the media at the Journalism program at Thomas Morehogeschool.

In 2019, his documentary Fraud in Healthcare was nominated for the Belfius Press Prize. 
In 2021, his Poverello & Rafael report in Knack ("When charity derails") won the Loep for controlling investigative journalism. The series also received a nomination for the Belfius Press Prize.


Ruben Brugnera

Supported projects

Self-service at Action Damien

  • Social Affairs
  • Healthcare

BRUSSELS - Experienced staff are being fired, volunteers are dropping out and losses are piling up. Meanwhile, external consultants earn up to €20,000 a month. What is going on at Action Damien?

The question of 14 million: where is Poverello's money?

  • Corruption
  • Finance
  • Human Rights

BRUSSELS - Journalists at KNACK, LeVif and RTBF have joined forces to investigate the peculiar financial management of the non-profit organisation Poverello. They greedily buy real estate that often remains empty. The organisation appears to be very rich, but hardly ever uses its money for working with the poor.