Ruben Desiere is a Belgian director.

He obtained a Master's degree in Cinema in 2014 at KASK (Ghent, Belgium) with his film Kosmos. In 2013 he co-founded Sabzian, an online collection of reflections on cinema and a diary listing cinematic events in Belgium and the surrounding area. 
In 2014, he founded the production company Accattone films, together with Rasmus Van Heddeghem.


Ruben Desiere

Supported projects


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BRUSSEL - Onder het gezag van commandant Walter Van Dyck volgen de jonge rekruten van het Belgisch leger een basisopleiding tot militair. Aan de hand van rollenspelen wordt hun toekomst als beroepssoldaat verbeeld.

La fleurière

  • Finance
In the back room of a flower shop Tomi, Rasto and Mižu dig a tunnel to reach the safe of the National Bank. When the rain continues, the system of corridors is flooded and they are forced to stop their work.