Rudi Rotthier is a Belgian journalist and travel writer

In 2011 he wrote “De Lont aan de Wereld”, a report of a trip through Pakistan. In 2013 “De Naakte Perenboom” was published, a travel book about philosopher Spinoza. In 2004 Rudi Rotthier received the Bob den Uyl prize for “De koranroute”.

Since 2015 he has spent three years in the US. 


Rudi Rotthier
Pakistan, United States

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The Divided States of America

  • International
  • Politics

USA - Rudi Rotthier traveled through The United States of America and found nuance alongside persevering anger, bitterness alongside resistance, and most of all, a lot of misunderstanding.

The Netherlands and Spinoza

The Dutch philosopher Spinoza is 'in the air', interest in him recently increasing considerably. At the same time, however, The Netherlands seem to turn away from the freedom of expression and tolerance that are championed in his work.


ISLAMABAD -- The American president Obama described a part of Pakistan as ‘the most dangerous place on earth’. The country is dangerous in two ways: dangerous to itself, as few places yield as many bomb attacks and victims, but also dangerous to the rest of the world, as the bombings are exported and Pakistan is a nuclear power, with ‘Islamic’ bombs that are perhaps not sufficiently secured.