Thierry Denoël has been a staff journalist at Le Vif since 1999.

He became a member of the editorial staff of Le Vif after having been a cultural associate of the magazine. He then specialised in judicial investigations, tax fraud and political-financial enquiries. In 2018, his revelations about the hiring of fictitious cabinet employees led to the resignation of the French-speaking Minister of Education. Before joining Le Vif, he published three books. 


Thierry Denoël
judicial investigations, tax fraud and political-financial enquiries

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The question of 14 million: where is Poverello's money?

  • Corruption
  • Finance
  • Human Rights

BRUSSELS - Journalists at KNACK, LeVif and RTBF have joined forces to investigate the peculiar financial management of the non-profit organisation Poverello. They greedily buy real estate that often remains empty. The organisation appears to be very rich, but hardly ever uses its money for working with the poor.