The first jury round of Journalismfund.eu’s Flanders Connects Continents grant programme has taken place. Six applications were allocated a grant.

The first Flanders Connects Continents application round closed on 24th December 2015. The programme offers research grants for investigative journalists from Sub-Saharan Africa and Flanders, Belgium, to collaborate on a story. We received 8 applications from a total of 25 journalists. The jury, consisting of two Flemish and two Sub-Sahara African (former) investigative journalists, deliberated on Friday 5th February.

The stats

Of the 8 submitted projects, 6 were approved by the jury, although not all of them for the requested amount. A total of €39,971 was allocated. 21 journalists are involved in the granted projects, 14 from Europe (including 9 from Flanders) and 7 from African countries (Ethiopia, DR Congo, Benin, Kenya, South-Africa). In order to be eligible for a Flanders Connects Continents application, teams have to consist of at least one Flemish and at least one Sub-Sahara African journalist. Additional team members are free to join.

The next application deadline for Flanders Connects Continents is on 1st April 2016. Contact Marjorie Blomme (marjorie (dot) blomme (at) journalismfund (dot) eu) for questions and advice.

More information: www.flandersconntinents.org