PORTO DO ACU - For the construction of the Brazilian port of Porto do Açu, hundreds of families were forcibly evicted from their land. Fishermen lost their livelihoods and the promised jobs in the port never came. The port also turned up in one of the biggest corruption scandals in Brazil. All this did not stop the port of Antwerp from investing 20 million dollars in this controversial project.

Belgian and Brazilian investigative journalists collaborated in this project on a series of articles published by Apache, Médor and Reporters Brazil.

Photo: © Gustavo Louzada/Porã imagens.

Ike Teuling

Ike Teuling is a Dutch freelance investigative journalist based in Brussels.

Quentin Noirfalisse

Quentin Noirfalisse is a Belgian freelance investigative journalist

Jan Walraven

Jan Walraven works as an investigative journalist for the Belgian investigative journalism website Apache.

João Cesar Diaz

João Cesar Diaz is a Brazilian investigative journalist.
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Fonds Pascal Decroos



  • Anvers au Brésil: Sale port, Médor, June 2020, 6/06/2020. (in French)