ANTWERP - Thanks to more than 450 volunteers the cultural center called De Roma keeps going. Why do they put their heart and soul into this theater in Borgerhout near Antwerp? Television maker Lies Van der Auwera tried to find the answer. 

Fifteen years ago, the then dilapidated Roma was rebuilt by an enthusiastic team of volunteers. And that group continues to grow, even today. Selling vouchers and tapping beers, putting chairs and mopping floors: take the volunteers away and De Roma can close its doors again.

What is the magic of "our Roma"? The film "De Roma is ours" unravels this unique social fabric. A film about the importance of a sense of community and the search for one's place in society regardless color and culture, in the middle of a multicultural neighbourhood.

Television maker Lies Van der Auwera from Borgerhout followed a few loyal volunteers for four months and won their trust for some disarming portraits, told against the background of the turbulent history of De Roma itself.

Lies Van der Auwera

Lies Van der Auwera is a Belgian television maker.
€ 1.000 allocated on 19/09/2017.
Fonds Pascal Decroos


De Roma is van ons, Canvas, 10/11/2019, 22u05. (te bekijken tot 10/12/2019). (In Dutch)