Arne Gillis

Arne Gillis is a journalist and photographer and covers Africa for the Belgian magazine MO*.

Arne Gillis


Arne Gillis

Supported projects

Mozambique: New front of the caliphate?

  • Armed conflict
  • Terrorism
  • Religion

CABO DELGADO - There are diamonds, gold and a gigantic gas bubble in the ground, but that doesn't help the inhabitants of Cabo Delgado, Mozambique. The government abandons them and the army can't protect them from violence. The militant Islamist group Al-Shabab manages more and more to recruit the impoverished population with an ill-founded, religious story. MO* went to the heart of the affected province.

Uganda: The best country in the world for refugees

  • Migration

UGANDA - Uganda is known as 'the best country in the world for refugees'. Everyone who arrives gets a piece of land and material to build a house.

Kyaka II Refugee Settlement

Why NGOs don't care about LGBT rights

  • Armed conflict
  • Equality

UGANDA - Uganda is known as one of the world's worst countries to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). LGBT people risk cell for fourteen years and are victims of violence and discrimination. Ugandan church leaders call to lynch them, political leaders use them as lightning rods for the real problems.

Talibé: a childhood dedicated to Allah

  • Youth
  • Education

Talibés are students in Senegal who are sent by their parents to specialized Koranic schools. There, however, they are often beaten by rogue Koran teachers. For their documentary, Arne Gillis, Wouter Elsen and Eneas Mentzel followed talibés at school and on the street and talked to Koran teachers and street workers.

Hope in Haiti's Scorched Earth

  • Human Rights

Five years ago, Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake—not for the first time. The country was in shatters. Journalists Arne Gillis and Wouter Elsen take a closer look at how the country is doing, five years after the earthquake.