Bieke Depoorter (°1986) completed her Master in Photography at the Kask in Gent in 2009. She is at this moment mainly working at her personal projects. Travelling alone, she seeks lodging in people’s homes, trying to grasp the intimacy of the family of which she becomes part just for one night. In 2009 she travelled through Russia for the project 'oe menia' (With me), for which she recieved the Magnum Expression Award. 


Bieke Depoorter

Supported projects

In Between

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In Egypt the aftermath of a bloody summer is still palpable. In the southern city of Minya, the blackened church spires contrast a group of demonstrators holding yellow balloons: Morsi supporters are demanding that their president rule once again.

Balkan war creates new casualties

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15 years after the war in Bosnia over 7000 refugees still live in ‘temporary’ refugee camps in the heart of Europe. The Bosnians themselves want to forget about them, the NGO’s have left the country, moved on to new conflict zones. But the people are still there. Just like their children, who were born in these camps. They are a new generation of war victims, struggling not only with the trauma of their parents, but also with a lack of education and severe poverty. Domestic violence, abuse, alcoholism and addiction are common practise in these settlements.